Current Timetable

Balanced Flow Yin & Yang Yoga

Saturday 8am to 9am

The Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham. RH12 1SL           

In life, everything has a matched opposite – light & shade, hot & cold, up & down – one cannot exist without the other & each part contains a small amount of the opposite within. Blending the stillness of Yin Yoga with the warming movement of a Vinyasa flow sequences, sun & moon salutations & perhaps some Mandala flows, this class aims to find a balance between the Yin & Yang of everyday life. This is an ideal class for those who enjoy a Vinyasa flow class, but also enjoy the stillness and embodied practice of Yin Yoga

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Five Elements Flow Yoga

Tuesday 6pm to 7pm

The Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham. RH12 1SL           

This class is all about honouring the cycles of nature and the seasons and understanding that our bodies need to be nourished both physically & mentally according to the calendar. We will combine elements of Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Qi Gong & meditations with practices designed specifically to be in tune with the traditional Chinese medicine Five Elements theory. The aim of this class is to find balance and harmony in body, mind & soul, whatever the season.         

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Yin at The Yurt

Thursday 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Sussex Country Yurt, Naboths, Northlands Road, Warnham

Yin Yoga is a beautifully still style of yoga, where shapes are held for between 3 to 5 minutes. Working on a principle of holding the position to the ‘edge’ where the sensational are not too strong, nor too gentle, but finding the ‘goldilocks’ just right, where it is possible to remain in stillness & become in tune with the sensations of body and mind. This practice offers an ideal balance to busy lives and dynamic activities, such as Vinyasa yoga, sports & fitness. It works on joints & connective tissues & fascia & can help to improve flexibility, bone strength & elasticity of fascia.

The shapes are simple & uncomplicated & we often use props, such as bolsters, bricks, blocks & straps to get into, and stay in a shape.

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Cost –

  • £10 per 1 hour session £12 per 75 min session
  • £54 for a block of 6 classes  

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To reserve your place, please use the booking buttons above & if you have any questions, please email:-

Class Etiquette:

  • Please bring your own mat if you have one, some water, a blanket & layers to put on for Savasana & your positive energy!
  • Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes before the class start time, if you do arrive late, please try to be as quiet as possible.
  • Yoga is none of the following – competitive, punishment, painful!  Always be respectful today’s body, support yourself and others in the class.  Even if you lay the whole class in Savasana, if thats what today’s body needs, take it!
  • I will sometimes offer adjustments in an asana, either to show you a more comfortable way, go deeper into the posture or to avoid hurting yourself.  If you don’t want to be adjusted, please let me know.
  • PLEASE – put your phones on silent 
  • Be respectful of your fellow yogi’s space & don’t step on other people’s mats (unless by invitation!)

Please provide 6 hours notice if you are unable to attend a class.

If 6 hours prior notice is not given you will be charged for the class.

Please be aware your details will never be passed onto any third party.