Welcome to THE HIVE Online Community

A Virtual Space for YOU to connect to yourself

Welcome to our community

Are you looking for a little more than a weekly yoga class?

How would it feel to connect with other like-minded souls from the comfort & safety of your own home?  

A space where you are supported, where you can grow & evolve your yoga practice into all areas of your life.

A group where the welcome is warm, the yoga is kind and is for real people, just like you.

Where Self Cultivation take your yoga off the mat, and encompasses how to stay nourished & balanced, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Be Something Yoga Hive is an online community that supports, shares and combines yoga and more, with the ever changing qualities of the seasons to balance your body, mind & emotions ALL YEAR round.

Here’s some of the great features included in your monthly membership …

Online Live Yoga

Live streamed classes direct to your home – all you need is an internet connection, your computer or phone . 

Yoga On Demand

Access to the class library for a variety of classes for you to enjoy whenever you like, wherever you like

A Balanced Blend of Yoga

Different styles of yoga – Yin, Vinyasa, QiGong, Meditation & Yoga Nidra, sequenced to balance your body throughout the week

seasonal recipes

Learn how to nourish yourself with tasty, easy to prepare meals, using seasonal ingredients to balance you energetically through the seasons.
Lets cook together! 



We include a balanced blend of styles for a holistic yoga practice aimed at harmonising, body, mind and emotions based around the Five Elements Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The seasonal shifts can have a huge impact on the way we feel physically, mentally and emotionally and, by adjusting and adapting our practice according to the season can help us make these seasons transition more seamless. I'll share with you some delicious seasonal recipes so that you can nourish yourself from inside out.

"We move through the world by eating it.
We swallow it, taking bits and pieces for ourselves, and push the rest out. One of the principal organising processes of a living organism is its eating behaviour. Food is the means by which we re-create the world as ourselves."

Efrem Korngold - Between Heaven and Earth

Your Investment

£ 50 Per Month *
  • Unlimited Live Streamed Yoga Classes
  • Access to On Demand Yoga
  • Entry to The Hive private members group

Frequently Asked Questions


How many classes can I attend?

As many as you like – there’s no limit!  
Your monthly subscription gives you access to as many Live classes as you like.  

You’ll also get discounted access to the monthly Yin & Yoga Nidra workshops at highly discounted rate

What if I can't make the Live classes?

No worries – we understand that life happens & sometimes its not possible to join Live & thats where the ‘On Demand’ class library is all yours – every class type – Yin Yoga, Balanced Flow, Yoga & QiGong, Meditations, Yoga Nidra, short 30 minute classes & Asana tutorials are all there for you to access whenever you like. 

What else can I access?

When you join our wonderful community, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group, where there are regular Live meditations, tutorials, share delicious seasonal recipes & lifestyle tips & guidance,  a monthly Book Club, links to the group playlists to accompany our classes, plus loads of other sharing seasonal goodness

What Styles of Yoga are offered?

All classes are sequenced around the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the weekly schedule includes Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Meditation and Yoga NIdra.  The classes are thoughtfully sequenced around the seasons and are a balanced blend of stillness & movement

Are you ready to join The Hive?

Let me take you by the hand and guide you through the seasons, opening up to all the benefits that each has to offer. I'll show you how you can nourish yourself both inside and out, to really optimise your seasonal energy all year round.

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