Join me for a 2 hour Yin Yoga Workshop in the beautiful Sussex Yurt to enjoy a practice of stillness focusing on different topics, meridians and / or body area.

Yin Yoga is a practice of still shapes that target our ligaments, joints & bones & fascia, providing physical, mental, emotional & energetic benefits. In addition, it assists with the flow of energy throughout the body and specific yin shapes target different meridians to help to balance the whole body on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Friday 14th September 7-9pm

An Introduction to Yin Yoga, including Yoga Nidra

An introduction to this beautiful still style of yoga.  We will be exploring different shapes & learning how to find our ‘edge’ in stillness.  We will be holding shapes for the whole body, using a variety of props (blocks, straps, sandbags, bolsters & blankets) to support us in our practice.  This is not a restorative yoga class, but the stillness that we hold will bring a calmness of mind & when practiced in addition to the more yang style of a Vinyasa yoga, will ensure that your practice is balanced & well rounded.  We will conclude our workshop with a short Yoga Nidra that will help you to close out your week.

Friday 19th October 7-9pm

Yin Yoga for Sports 

Calling all runners, cyclist, swimmers, crossfitters, footballers, tennis players etc – whatever your sport, this 2 hour workshop will focus on the practice of Yin Yoga to develop strength of the joints of hips, knees, shoulder & the spine.  Holding Yin yoga shapes in stillness not only helps to strengthen the joints & ligaments but also helps to release tension in the connective tissue (fascia) that encases our muscles & joints.  We will also be exploring the benefits of a still practice on our mental & emotional health.  The workshop will conclude with a short Yoga Nidra

Friday 16th November 7-9pm

Yin Yoga & The Meridians

In this workshop we will be looking at how Yin yoga still shapes not only benefit our joints & connective tissue but also the meridian lines that run throughout the body channeling energy to our organs.   We will discover the emotional and mental qualities that are associated with each meridian and reach our own expressions of each shape, using a variety of props to support the body throughout the practice.

Friday 7th December 7-9pm

Yin & Tonic – A Festive Workshop

In this final workshop of the series, & in the approach to the festive season, we will be holding yin shapes to help us to feel warm and nourished & help us to connect with ourselves and bring inner happiness, peace & joy.   A relaxing Yoga Nidra will finish the workshop

Prices :-

£25 per single workshop

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£42.50 Any 2 workshops

£80 All 4 workshops